As part of the project Theatre is Dialogue – Dialogue of Cultures: European networking with Eastern European theatres, the European Theatre Convention (ETC) initiated in 2016 a work group of Ukrainian theatre professionals; most of them participants of the ETC 2015 scholarship program and representatives of both ETC’s associated members Dakh Theatre and Kiev Academic Molodyi Theatre. The work group continues its mission in 2017 with the attempt to involve members of the civil society and stakeholders in a democratic consultation process and engage in a structured dialogue between and with policy-makers. The aim of the group is to elaborate new possibilities of collaboration between the independent theatre scene and public theatre houses and to explore potentials of an infrastructure that promotes independent artists and companies offering sources of funding, co-production and space.

Working group members: Yuliia Fediv, Diana Aishe, Andriy Bilous and Natalia Syvanenko (Molodyj Academic Theatre), Andriy Palatny and Olena Salata (Dakh Theatre), Pavlo Yurov, Dima Levytsky


Founded in 1988, ETC promotes European theatre as a vital social platform for dialogue, democracy and interaction that responds to, reflects and engages with today’s diverse audiences and changing societies. ETC fosters a socially engaged, inclusive notion of theatre that brings Europe’s social, linguistic and cultural heritage to audiences and communities everywhere.

As the largest network of public theatres in Europe, it has more than forty European theatre members from over twenty countries, reflecting the diversity of Europe’s vibrant cultural sector.

ETC invests in initiatives that break down linguistic, national and geographic barriers, enabling artists to embark on international careers and participate in innovative projects that contribute to a cohesive European cultural sector. Through innovative programming and contemporary artistic forms that embrace urgent social issues, it connects theatres with stakeholders, cultural organisations and civil society.


"Ukrainian Theater" is a national illustrated magazine that explores history and covers the events in modern theatrical art. Issued every two months. Its history goes back to 1917, when “Teatralni Visti” (“Theatre News”), a weekly magazine run by Les Kurbas, was founded in Kyiv. Other periodicals considered to be predecessors of “Ukrainian Theatre” are: “Teatr” (“Theater”) magazine issued in Kyiv in 1919, 1921-23 and 1936-41, as well as “Silskyi Teatr” (“Village Theater, 1926-30), “Radyanskyi Teatr” (“Soviet Theater”, 1929-31) and “Masovyi Teatr” (“Theater for Masses”, 1931-33), all three published in Kharkiv. Throughout its history, the magazine covers theatrical processes in Ukraine.
Since May, 2017, a general content partner to theatrical web portal “Ukrainian Theater”.
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