Porto Franko 2017 - open port in Frankivsk

As reported at Porto Franko, «Once again Ivano-Frankivsk is becomeing a free port of art ships and sailing vessels from around the world, immersing guests in the unique urban myth. Baroque churches and buildings, urban undergrounds and roofs become a scenery for a four day postmodern opera. Experimental music and alternative theater, installations, and performances will be the anthem of eclectic architecture of the provincial city lost on the border of two empires. Wind from Asian deserts and fog from the coast of Shakespearian Denmark are mixed in the bays bays of the fantastic Carpathian sea, creating sounds, colors, words and shapes of the the future."

The headliners of the theater program are performances "The Hunger Master“ by Eimuntas Nekrošius (theater "Meno Fortas", Vilnius, Lithuania) and "Pythian oratorio" by Włodzimierz Staniewski (Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice", Gardzienice, Poland). Olexiy Gnatkovsky, curator of the theater part, said that the main objective of the festival is networking with the most famous theaters in the world for further cooperation. A whole theater part is divided into two categories called - "headliners" (main performance) and "studio" (Festival Theater School performances).

"This year we have selected the coolest teachers and top-end performance of Ukraine and the world" - said Olexiy Gnatkovsky.

In the Potocki Palace, which will be one of theater locations, on June 15th Yurii Andrukhovych and Polish band "Karbido" will present the performance prepared at the intersection of theater and musical programs. The rest of the program will be shown on the stage of the Ivano-Frankivsk Ivan Franko Theater. So on the 15th of June at 18.00 will be held the performances in the format stage on the stage called "She is the Earth" - staging works of V.Stefanyk by directors Nataliya Polovinka and Rostislav Derzhypilsky. Polovinka Natalia - student of Jerzy Grotowski and Anatoly Vasiliev - is also the headliner of the category School (studio).
At 20.30 Vlad Troitsky - director of the Center for Contemporary Art "Dakh", producer and founder of the multidisciplinary festival "GOGOLfest" - presents the performance "But the wind" - kinetic intellectual performance.
June 16 at 18.00 on the main stage of Ivano-Frankivsk Ivan Franko Theater theater "Meno Fortas", created by the great Lithuanian director Eimuntas Nekrošius will perform a chamber play for four actors in theater "port".
"A Hunger Artist" - a play on the eponymous novel by Franz Kafka about the Hunger Master, which exposes his "art of fasting". For the director this is the story of the artist in the broadest meaning of this word, and oversaturation of today's society. The main male part in the play is played by the Lithuanian actress Victoria Kuodyte.
"In Lithuania I couldn't find a single man-actor, who could play this story as I see it. Victoria Kuodyte plays a man whose outer shell is so exhausted that shows the beating of the heart "- said the director in one of the interviews.
Oleksiy admits that it Ivano-Frankivsk is Ukrainian Panevėžys where Mr Nekrošius has begun. That is why the play "The Hunger Master " - an important step for the establishment of friendly relations with the theater "Meno Fortas" and a huge victory for the festival.
June 16 at 15.00 at the small stage the theater-studio "Practicum" will introduce festival visitors to the performance "Buna." Young director David Petrosyan with alumni and students created a documentary based performance, into the plot of which fell the story of elderly woman. The play is permeated with authentic songs and rituals.
June 17 - Shakespeare's day. At 12.00 Dmitry Bogomazov - one of the best directors of Ukraine, teacher, founder and head of the Kyiv theater "Free Stage" - will present with the students play "The 12th Nights" by William Shakespeare, which is now in the repertoire of the Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left-bank of Dnieper. In the evening, at 18.00 viewers can enjoy Ivano-Frankivsk neo-opera "Hamlet." Although the premiere took place recently, it has managed to attract a fair attention in the world of theater. The best Ukrainian theater critics are delighted with this performance, and theater goers began to organize special theatrical tours to Ivano-Frankivsk to watch it.
On Sunday, June 18, at 18.00, Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice" headed by its founder - known director Włodzimierz Staniewski will demonstrate their theatrical elaborations. " Gardzienice " - one of the most famous groups of experimental theater in the world.
Centre for Theatre Practices became known thanks to its research in the field of indigenous and ancient musical traditions and strong physical and vocal techniques of acting work.
In the category "schools" the meeting-lectures with Nataliya Polovinka, Vlad Troitsky, Rostislav Derzhypilsky, Dmitro Bohomazov and Włodzimierz Stanevskoho that reveal the theme of modern vision of theater.
There is a fourth facet of theater - after top performances there is an after-party - on the deck of the ship (in the lobby of Drama theatre) meet all the theatrical elite of Ukraine and beyond.
"This year's theater program - the first step to my new vision of the future of Porto Franko, only the loudest names and talented projects!" - says Olexiy Gnatkovsky.
Meanwhile on stage of Marika Pidhiryanka Ivano-Frankivsk Puppet Theater during the festival, from the 15th to 18th of June, daily at 17.00 the performance of the "Dance" category will be shown - the most interesting productions in contemporary dance, created over the last year in Ukraine. Two performances from Kyiv Totem Dance Group - «Tea Party» (choreographer - Olga Labovkina) and "Hanger" (choreographer - Jaroslav Kaynar) and two solo performances of Anton Ovchinnikov, founder of the dance theatre BlackO!range and Festival of Contemporary Dance "Zielonka Fest" - "De/Synchronization" and "Duel. Solo".

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