KropyvnYtskyi. The new National Arts Festival

The concept was presented by the initiators of the establishment of the festival - Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyschuk, MP of Ukraine Alexander Gorbunov and chief director of the Art Forum - Sergei Kompaniets.

(Photo by Alexander Klimenko)

Project title is directly related to the venue - the city Kropyvnytskyi. According to Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nyschuk, name of one of the founders of the Ukrainian National Theater - Marko Kropyvnytskyi (1840-1910) - will be an important symbol of not only the city, which gets a new name (former Kirovograd and earlier - Yelysavedhrad), but modern national artistic forum.
The purpose of the new festival, for which the state has allocated 7 million UAH is to contend Kropivnitskiy status as an influential cultural capital on the map of Ukraine. As you know, the land cherished talents of such famous artists as Ivan Karpenko-Kary, Mykola Sadovsky, Panas Saksagansky Maria Zankovetskaya and of course Marco Kropyvnytskyi.
Almost a year ago the former Kirovograd was renamed. And one of the important task of the festival - to assert such a rebranding, so that the big city (regional center) will be associated by its citizens and tourists with the image of "parent" of Ukrainian National Theater (as Marko Lukic sometimes was called), so basically, with national cultural values. One of the initiators and organizers of the art project, people's deputy of Ukraine Alexander Gorbunov, said that Kropyvnytskyi - is actually the geographical center of Ukraine, different paths are leading there. Thus, according to him, before the festival the city has to update and improve its transport arteries so that a new forum attracts as many tourists as possible.

The concept of the new National Festival involves polyphony and multivectors - different genres and trends of modern Ukrainian culture; popularization of new stage version of Ukrainian classical drama; returning to the motherland Ukrainian artists (with their new projects), that are now active in Europe and in other continents.

The festival program will be formed in thematic sections. For example, in "Headliners" the citizens and guests of the festival will be offer the loudest Ukrainian theater premiere from the capital and other cities. Section "Choreodrama" unites at various venues of Kropivnitskiy creative achievements of local talents, and presents this year's fest premiere from Radu Poklitaru "Up by the River" (Theater "Kyiv Modern Ballet"). In the "Classics forever» young Ukrainian directors will offer their vision of the most popular stage plays by Ivan Franko, Ivan Karpenko-Kary and other Ukrainian authors.
The festival is also expected to be visited by the theaters from Europe: at the moment the negotiations are held with theaters in Poland, Lithuania and Germany. This is not an exhaustive list of directions of the new national festival.

As Eugene Nyschuk told DT.UA, in frames of "Kropivnitskiy" one of Ukrainian theater artists will be awarded for the first time with the National Theater Kurbas Prize, which was launched by the National Union of Theatre Workers of Ukraine. The Minister notes that 2017 - is a special year year, as we celebrate the 130th anniversary of Les Kurbas.

Art Festival - a great way to unite not only Ukraine but the whole world, because art is intended to consolidate society - Eugene Nyschuk.

"Working on the concept of the festival we were inspired by the slogan "special and diverse", "we wanted to make the festival very diverse in the areas, themes, genres and combine everything into one creative platform. And the city itself becomes this pad, "- said Sergey Kompaniets.

According to the director, the concept of the festival besides theater will feature choreography, film, artists and writers will be also invited. Recently it became known that to create an open-air show of the festival Jaroslav Fedorishina, head of the Lviv Theater "Voskresinnya" was invited to cooperate

One of the central events of the festival will be the presentation of the National Award in the field of theater. This was explained by the Minister of Culture Eugene Nyschuk "theatrical community has long been talking about the need for such awards for achievement in the field of theater. Yes, today we have one theater award - "Kyiv Pectoral", which has its own history, but it marks the achievement in theater industry only in the capital. Now, when we have a very strong trend of creative theatrical achievements by regions that demonstrate excellent work, excellent actors, directors, set designers, it is important to give them an opportunity to get a promotion and public recognition. Actually at the festival in Kropyvnytski and the presentation of the award will take place, it will be a great event."

All performances of the Fest will be held in the historical part of the city, where themed art locations will be spread around and involved the main theater areas of the city: Regional Philharmonic Society, Marko Kropivnitskiy Regional Academic Ukrainian Drama Theater, summer amphitheater of the "Kovalivka» park, Open-air on the Cossack island, and the streets and squares of the city.
"Uniting different people - the main goal of the festival, because it's better to build tiny bridges than big solid walls. We hope that this festival will be the same as a bridge between people of different classes, different age, different nations, and perhaps even different political views! We set ourselves unrealistic task, and with the support of local and regional authorities, I think our strength and creative impulse will enable to hold the festival on a very high level! "- said the chief festival director, Sergei Kompaniets.

The partner of the festival "Kropyvnytskyi 2017" is a Ukrainian festival of contemporary music and popular songs "Chervona Ruta". 450 Young Performers of "Chervona Ruta" Festival from all over Ukraine, singing in the genres of rock, acoustic, contemporary dancing, popular music and Ukrainian authentic folklore will take part in the musical marathon and the gala concert of the "Chervona Ruta" festival winners of different years on the central square of Kropivnitskiy.

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