Theatral project Open UA started a crowdfunding campaign

Recently, two independent artists, Sashko Brama and Andriy Buchko, started walking expedition through Ukraine: from Chop to the first post office in the east.The purpose of the trip is to study the cultural values and life of Ukrainian people and to create a documentary multimedia presentation. Guys are already on the road and they need your support. You can track the progress of the project here. Sashko Brama comments:

Hiking allows you to contemplate and plunge into the surrounding reality, to feel scale and continuity, to live each step.We put ourselves in extreme conditions in order to reduce the distance between ourselves and others - strangers with whom we have a common country, whom we want to get to know. Every day on this road is a jump in the unknown. To sleep each night at a new unknown place, whenever the night founds us - in the woods, in the field, in the church or with random people who share our dinner and tell their truth.

The guys capture the pictures, audio, and video of the cultural landscapes, situational models, occasional confessions, landscapes. On the basis of these materials will be created music and multimedia performance. Enter UA is an interdisciplinary project that is implemented in collaboration with scientists.

You can support the project financially here or in another way (technically, by time, work, kind words, attention).

Previous projects:

"Diploma" - a critical documentary play about the modern educational system, created on the basis of more than 300 in-depth interviews with participants of the educational process;
"R + J" is the reflection of the younger generation of East and West of Ukraine on the current political situation. The performance is made in the format of the concert of heavy alternative music. The work was presented at various prestigious European festivals;
"Autumn on Pluto" - a performance created on the basis of long-term included observation and communication with residents of the Lviv geriatric boarding house, raises the issues of old age. The work was included in the repertoire of the Lviv Academic Theater.

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