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On June 29, the European Cultural Center will host a premiere of dramatized performance on the importance of an individual choice of a person. The project was created by the Theater of Contemporary Drama and Comedy. The authors of the project: Alexander Bilera, Katerina Levina, Vadim Lisyany. The play involves actors, choreographers and vocalists. The performance is accompanied by cover versions of famous hits by Marilyn Manson, Sia and other contemporary performers.

Bilera Alexander:

" A person can live or exist in our world, not even thinking that he is subjected to the influence of society, or imposed thoughts, which make them follow rules not invented by you! Fear is one of the factors that helps us to survive ... Yes, it is to survive, not live! When choosing your next step in life, , think about who is his cause. The story of a young boy who dreamed of happiness, love and kindness, but also wanted to embody his childhood dreams. He went to work, fell in love with the girl and started to work. What happened to him? This can be seen while browsing".

Author: Bilera Alexander, Katerina Levina, Vadim Lisyany

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Theatre Lab for Young Directors

Оn March 22-27, 2018 the First Theatre (Lviv) will host the International Theatre Lab for Young Directors under the auspices of OPEN DOORS and supervision of Iryna Averina.