GOGOLFEST 2017: locations and events

GOGOLFEST 2017, without focusing entirely on a single "hermetic" location, fills several "resonant" urban spaces at once: the VDNKh, that has already been tasted, Dovzhenko Center with its newly created Scene 6 (the project of independent theaters' space) and the new stage of Theatre on Podil. A topic of this year festival - "The Ark"- continuing the Biblical theme of the past year and right after "The Babylon-2016" ferrying us into the sacred place of renewal / salvation. According to the organizers of GOGOLFEST, we are talking about salvation from the aggressive, over-saturated information environment via language and nature of true art.

The most noticeble events of this year are the new musical project "CeSho" by Vlad Troitsky, the grandiose show by DakhaBrakha called "Dreams OFF", the premiere of DakhDaughters' new music program "uTopia" (a theatrical show with elements of augmented reality) and the final part of Vlad Troitsky's operatic trilogy - a Ukrainian-Swiss opera-ballet "Ark", created with Oscar Shakon, a world-famouse choreographer. ArkSquat will also be the realization of the "Ark" theme. It's a project of an open workshop for sculptors, artists, performers, which will work during the festival and will be destroyed after its completion.

The festival will run from 7 to 17 September, and its program is conditionally divided into Green and Red. All events of the Green program (performances of independent Ukrainian theaters, events of visual and film programs, show-opening) will be possible to attend by the Festival subscription. Events of the Red program (theatrical, musical and choreographic productions of foreign groups, co-productions) are paid separately.


Last events


"GOLDEN LION on the street - 2017"

From September 30 to October 3 the International theater festival "Golden Lion on the street-2017" will take place in Lviv


Join the first Kiev International “PUPPET.UP” festival!

From September 30 to October 4 the first Kiev International Festival of Puppet Theaters will be held!