VIDLIKproject is going to Shchastya of Lugansk region оn January 5-14, 2018

VIDLIKproject is a n educational sociocultural project aimed at
developing culture in small towns and villages of Ukraine by involving young people into
artistic and social activities. The project intends its team’s 1 0-day expedition to a specific
locality within which local teens and youth will c reate their own art product and get the
necessary theoretical knowledge and skills for their upcoming creative activities. Since the
project aims to encompass a whole country, its program varies according to the needs of
each region. Teenagers and youth of Shchastya city in Lugansk region will participate in the
project. They’ll become not just observers, but direct participants of all creative processes.
The active phase of the project lasts 10 days and provide all the necessary conditions for its
participants to try themselves in different creative areas. They will get both theoretical and
practical base for creating their own artistic projects. Each of them will go their own creative
way within the project.
The project program includes: 4 lectures on art management, master classes in various
creative professions, 2 career guidance sessions, 10 different training sessions, a creation of the
new documentary performance by participants themselves as well as a new art space . The
following events are also planned: the VIDLIKproject documentary performance " Kyiv
Perepichka"; the "VIDLIKproject in Shchastya”, an interactive city tour; " Christmas with the
VIDLIKProject”, an interactive party with contests, games and presents; "Vechornytsi (Evening
party) 2k18”, an interactive presentation of the Ukrainian contemporary artists’ works; a
premiere of a newly created documentary p erformance, "І шо?"( So what?) – the last day
The project implementation involves the use of only local resources and
active cooperation with local authorities. So this is our way to spread the idea of
" productive patriotism" . The project will help us prove that Ukrainian modern
culture exists, moreover, it speaks of the present in modern language.
All this will be a good base for local teenagers and young people to continue
their engagement in the creation of cultural activities after the project
After the accomplishment of the project, a group of creative
people will be formed to continue the process of involving all the city dwellers and
villagers into cultural activities. The skills this group gains during the project
implementation will help them in that. Their getting to know modern culture will
foster refusal of “redneck” trends and effect the c ontemporary art development in
regions. In addition, the newly formed creative group will start using art tools to talk
about current issues and seek their solutions. Eventually, the regions’ own culture and
entertainment content emergence will foster the development of each region itself,
bring an impetus for thinking transformation and self-development as well as activate
social activities.
We plan to c reate an entire network of such initiatives throughout Ukraine. We want to
create a great all-Ukrainian platform allowing creativity to young artists, which will have a
significant influence on the modern Ukrainian culture development.
On the base of the project we will conduct tours, forums for the participants from
different cities in order to create close cross-city communication and destroy imposed
stereotypes, to establish a dialogue between different regions’ residents, regardless of the
language they speak. We want to unite young people around the Ukrainian culture,
stimulating the c ivil society development. Spreading the idea of " productive patriotism" all
over the country will result in the development of Ukrainian village and reduce the level of
labor emigration.
WHO? A team of young artists, public figures of the VIDLIKproject.
Most of the team members have been realizing such projects as: The ClassAct:
East-West (2017, Kyiv, socio-cultural project); holidays on the St. Nicholas Day a nd on
Children's Day f or the f orced migrants’ c hildren (2015-2017, Kyiv, Mariupol, Vasylkyv); The
"Shanty" children theatrical studio for the migrants’ children (2016-2017, Kyiv); different
theatrical projects of the “Theatre of Displaced People”; The "Osten-Saken оff-stage festival" of
theatre under open-skies (2016, Nemishaive); an e ducational festival of the new Ukrainian
drama "Actual plays week” (2016, Kyiv), etc.

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