Who is Wearing the Hat?

Text: Veronika Skliarova
Photo: Serhii Loshatynsky

Last week, Kharkiv Sol/Salt theater showed “Circo del Mondo” co-production, together with Berlin Wheels theater and Saint-Petersburg Gorodskoj/Urban theater.
Kharkiv Sol theater is a group of graduates from the same course of Kharkiv Art University drama theater, curated by Leonid Sadovskiy and Maria Borakovska. Now they are a part of Kharkiv Academic Russian drama theater, which is one of the biggest and recognized in the city.Sol Theater made a lot of educational and art projects with international partners. Most of them are with Wheels theater.
This year’s project is a musical “Circo del Mondo,” written and directed by Lisa Wagner, the co-founder of the Wheel. The show tells about circus so-called family, which consists of clowns, acrobats, animal trainers, magicians and “Diretore” – a director who is teaching, leading, feeding and punishing those who don’t respect inner laws. The main idea is to think about responsibility. Who is wearing a hat in art process? Who should make decisions?
Musical format is very comfortable for co-productions especially for people from different countries. Actors’ professional skills like vocal, plastic, acrobatic, improvisation along with different languages make performances very bright and spectacular. The “Circo del Mondo” is performed in English, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, German and Estonian languages. Music for the show has been written by the project members Jonas Flemerer, Germany, Maxim Avksentiev, Ukraine, and DJ Anna Trivella, Italy. The first week of the project, all participants spent in Kharkiv. Last two weeks and the premiere itself took place in Berlin.
“Circo del Mondo” is already the third musical produced by Sol and Wheels cooperation. They have staged “Home” in 2015, directed by Tino Bucholz, Germany, and “Neverending forest songs” in 2016, directed by Max Panchenko from Ukraine and Lisa Wagner, Germany.
Kharkiv spectators had a chance to see these last two co-productions and loved the shows.
Producers are also trying to find ways to tour the show in their countries.