Sisters in the open space

Article: Olya Utochkina
Photos by Tetiana Chernova
Playbill design: Natasha Lobach

Probably each of us at least once have thought about emigration. About a place, where salary is higher, culture is richer and a grass is greener. Therefore, Chekov’s sisters are about to go on the road to the cultural capital of the Galaxy - Mars! Here's a plot which English director and playwright Jack Clover chose for his new production. The premiere of the play "Mars - a wonderful place!" was performed by the theater "Zaporizshka nova drama" on September 23.

Three sisters no longer wish to stay at Zaporizhya and start finding escape routes, along with excuse for this decision. Maria is a fashion blogger, who is sure that she gets too little likes in her motherland. Irina is looking for love of her life via intergalactic dating agency, as she has not met a right person on her planet. Olga sweats blood working missing her cat Captain Sparrow. All in all girls get visas to the stars but on Mars, their dreams got blue on that red planet.

Alyona Snegireva (Olga)

The space musical, announced by the authors of the play, seems to be something like an absurd cabaret. Three actresses in black dresses shyly sing and dance to the synthesizer on which the director plays. From decorations - old chairs, no light score or props used. With such visual asceticism audience is left with the text, the way it is said and individual artists’ mastery.

Jack Clover, as a playwright, used a simple perhaps even primitive metaphor, but masterfully framed it with witty jokes and perfect observations. The text is rich with irony and explicit, as well as veiled quotations. Jack Clover, as a director, offers actresses an instrument of the epic theater – the alienation device. Anastasia Kosodiy, Yulia Klymenko and Alyona Snegirev are wearing masks of modern women in certain circumstances. Dissatisfied with a life on Earth, they remain the same on Mars. It seems that now the sisters are aware of the mistake and return home ... But it would be too obvious for the final.

Anastasia Kosodiy (Maria)

The actresses feel confident in the dialogues, but while performing the songs look sketchy. It seems that girls apologize to the viewers for the fact that they sing out of tune sometimes. Lack of experience in the musical genre obvious, but makes the actresses closer to the audience: we all sometimes sing to our favorite songs, or go wild in karaoke. Having mastered a certain stage of working with the text, the "Zaporizska new drama" theater team now needs to explore its own plasticity and musicality.

Artistic group

"Mars is a wonderful place" is a laconic performance. There is nothing superfluous either in design or in execution. The simplicity with which it is made is catchy. In this work there is no arrogance, a claim to something or pathos. The theater does not distance itself from its viewer, but instead tries to find new places of connection, offering transparent allusions and a mild form. "Zaporizska new drama" constantly experiments, makes mistakes, gains invaluable experience and holds the title of the only living theatrical laboratory in Zaporizhzhya.