Theater and urban space

“Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place”

Martha Graham

Text:Veronika Skliarova
Photo: Anastasia Mantach

Magda Grudzińska, theater curator from Poland, discussed with Ukrainian art community new ways of collaboration between theater and civil society. Theater on Podil and Kharkiv State University of art was hosting this project. Lecture of Magda was in the frame of “Theater in the city” project. Author and curator - Nadia Sokolenko in collaboration with Polish Institute Kyiv and Theater on Podil.
Aim of the project to highlight tasks of theater institutions in city space. It's not longer a architecture form, but very important public place. Which have new shapes of responsibilities and cooperation. Experience of team in the Wojciech Boguslawski Theatre in Kalisz, curating by Magda Grudzinska on implementing different social and art projects which aimed to make theatre more open and available to different communities of the city. And this is how she and her team understand the notion of public theatre. Magda used the term “theater - Agora” in accordance to heritage of ancient Greece. Agora was the place to speak about habitance`s problems. Theater in Ukraine sees now its function mainly to entertain people. But it could be an important place of communication and creating of a new meanings and senses.
Today we have lots of public discussions about hard memories in Ukrainian history. Theater in this case can be the place to actualize public talks. Magda shares her experience in transforming conservative theater into the live space. Her ideas of dealing with people with various disabilities are very useful for Kharkiv art structures.