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Heidi Wiley: “With the creation of ETC, its founders wanted to establish a new form for internatio-nal collaboration and artistic exchange between European theatres“

Recently, Ukrainian theatrical space has begun a slow, but irreversible depressurization. Despite all the complexities and inertia of the post-Soviet system of organizing theatrical affairs, our theater moves slowly towards integration into the European theatrical process and revealing itself on the international artistic map. One of the markers of integration processes in the theater was the presence of network theater organizations that began to show interest in our local affairs, even lobby for theatrical reforms in accordance with the standards of theatrical systems in democratic societies. The most active player in this field was the European Theatrical Convention (ETC). With Heidi Wiley the head of the convention, we talked about the mission of the organization and the vision of the Ukrainian context from a European perspective.

Dima Levytskyi, post-drama writer

Theatrical season of 2016-2017 finally brought post-dramatic theater to Ukraine. With a significant delay in time, and marked with local specifics, this fresh stylistic trend reached our stages. So, what is “post-dramatic theater” exactly? Generally speaking, this term embraces all kinds of performances free from traditional drama structure, but still lying within the framework of theater as an artistic form. Post-dramatic theater is chaos, permissiveness, actuality, provocation and neglect of any tradition. And of course, a new form of theatrical performance gave life to a new type of play writer.

‘End of Imitation 2.0’: digital & documentary

In early May, three cities in Germany hosted an independent theatrical project ‘End of Imitation 2.0’ on tour. The performance was on stage of this year’s annual Heidelberger Stückemarkt dramatic festival, and was also shown at Badisches State Theater Karlsruhe and Staatstheater Braunschweig.

Messiah on Stage

Entering the National Circus, on every seat up to fifth row you will see a special set consisting of a raincoat and a medical face mask. Producer and one of the Project founders Irma Vitovska emphasizes that people in the audience will have to use these items and ironically offers to enjoy local "aphrodisiac", which is the smell of circus animals life activity byproduct.

Get Them/Us back from Pluto…

The opening night of “Autumn on Pluto” took place on January 23, 2017 on the stage of Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Academic Drama Theatre. This night put a line in the project’s life dividing it into two uneven parts: production period and the release itself, running for only three nights at the moment. The pre-premiere period was primarily a social initiative marked with numerous unexpected twists of fate.