Theater and urban space

Magda Grudzińska, theater curator from Poland, discussed with Ukrainian art community new ways of collaboration between theater and civil society.

Theater where beauty is identical to functionality

Publicist Theater is one of the oldest among students’ theaters in Kharkiv. It is based at the State Academy of Design and Arts. Audiences are enthused by sophisticated and elegant performances. Scenography and artistic design often becomes as full-fledged acting character. The term “artist’s theatre” aptly names the performance’s aesthetics. The theater focuses on the image and embodies text through the visual.

Who is Wearing the Hat?

Last week, Kharkiv Sol/Salt theater showed “Circo del Mondo” co-production, together with Berlin Wheels theater and Saint-Petersburg Gorodskoj/Urban theater. Kharkiv Sol theater is a group of graduates from the same course of Kharkiv Art University drama theater, curated by Leonid Sadovskiy and Maria Borakovska.

Сryout with precisely measured silence

Theater Vinora shows “Women`s voices”, performance with elements of storytelling, based on real monologues by refugees from Donbas region. It was very important step on the way to share common pain of modern war. The show put issues of identity and diversity to the fore. The Vinora`s show commissioned by Kharkiv Center of Gender Culture with support of the France Embassy and United States Institute of Peace and curate by director of Vinora theater Iryna Kobzar.

Kharkiv Exports Love and Feminism

Performance “Red” of the Kharkiv Beautiful Flowers non-governmental theater was shown during “Ukrainische Kulturtage” days in Nuremberg, Germany.

Aeneas Is a Woman on Kharkiv Stage

Eneida, the show by Arabesky theater, was reinvented on Kharkiv stage. It was done in response to the 7th International Book Arsenal Festival request, as well as on the occasion of 175 years anniversary of Ivan Kotliarevsky Eneida publication. “Laugh, fear, strength”, the central theme of the festival, is characteristic of the Arabesky show also.