Theaters of Ukraine

Kiev Academic Molody Theatre

The Kiev Academic “Molodij” Theatre  was founded by prominent Ukrainian director-куащкьук Les Kurbas 1916. In 1979 the theater work has been updated, but the idea of a young directors, the regular experiments and new searches remained still. Theatre is leaded by a young team which is trying to dialogue with modern and young audiences – young not only by age, but also by the soul with the goal to discover new talents, experiment, develop and conquer peaks of the performing arts. Its programme offers performances for every taste with works of the best classic and contemporary authors: Anuj, Beckett, Bunin, Halseran, Karpenko-Kary, Mcdonagh, Saroyan, Schiller, Schmitt, Schnitzler, Ibsen and others. It also actively works with modern Ukrainian authors and engages young directors and actors for this. Among recent projects - performance based on 6 stories of modern Ukrainian authors, where directors were 5 students of high school of theater art. A new, third stage – the mikrostage – dedicated to present work of debuting theatre talents was opened in the 2014. “Molodij” Theatre cooperates with European theater directors including performances such as "Until Mom Comes" (French director Christophe Fortiye), "Take, love and run!" (British director Caroline Steynbeys). Productions are regularly invited to many well-known international festivals and are multiple winners of the prestigious Ukrainian theatre prize "Kyiv Pectoral". The theatre joined the ETC in the frame of the project " In Focus Ukraine: European theatre networking with Ukrainian theatres and artists" sience December 2014 .

Art director: Bilous Andriy Fedorovych



Musicaly- plastic performance. At a time when his life turned into a solid Concert, it appeared. In the world people are alive only glimmer of jewelry are two lovers who dared to escape from it. Performance «Concert» argues that the word love is not necessarily ... This team penetrates the soul and fills it with the brightest feelings, using only sounds, movement, humor and vibration. Duration: 1 hour

Main roles:

M.Shorenkov, band The oscar wild", Lida Soklakova

By: M.Shorenkov, band The oscar wild", Lida Soklakova
Director: Syvanenko Natalia
Premiere: 20.03.2017

Athenian nights

This "noble family" is brewing scandal: it turns out that very young pianist unmarried daughter is pregnant. Duration 2 h.

Main roles:

Tatiana Steblovskyy

By: Peter Gladilіn
Director: Ihor Slavynsky
Premiere: 09.02.2012


Tragikomedia 2 Actions. This sad comedy master sophisticated dialogs and beautiful scenes Jean Anouilh dedicated eternal theme - the collision of love and sincerity to the world where there is vulgarity, corruption, hypocrisy. Running time - 2 hours. 45 min.

Main roles:

Tamara Yatsenko/ Mark Drobot/ Liliana Rebryk

By: Zhan Anuy
Director: Andrew Bakirov
Premiere: 06.12.2007

Woe from wit

Vulgar - roughly classic in 2 acts/ Woe from Wit "in Youth Theater - is not expected by many" theater text, "but rather" theater context. "This theatrical context that incorporates the various theatrical styles that get along with one empty space. .. Running time - 3 hours

Main roles:

Valeriy Lehin/Daria Barihashvili/ Boris Orlov/ Anna Bascheva/ Mark Drobot/ Alexander Romashko

By: Alexander Griboyedov
Director: Andriy Bilous
Premiere: 12.11.2016

Uncle Vanya

Scenes of rural life in the 2 acts/ Instantly characters become frozen masks, which they safely hide from the viewer his true face. Sometimes these masks are scary, sometimes - disgusting, sometimes - pathetic and ridiculous. From terrible comic to one step. Game mirages. But when there is no real life, living mirage. Still, better than nothing. Running time - 2 hours. 25 min.

Main roles:

Oleksiy Vertynskyi/ Valery Sheptekita/ Natalia Vasco/ Liliana Rebryk/ Rima Zyubina/ Stanislav Boklan/ Tamara Yatsenko

By: Anton Chekhov
Director: Stanislav Moiseev
Premiere: 11.10.2013

Enigmatic Variation

Duel without intermission/ On the uninhabited island in the icy Norwegian Sea, where the last 15 years living as a hermit famous writer, journalist comes from a small provincial newspaper. In order to interview. Why Nobel Prize winner agrees to it, because he hates journalists? And perhaps this is not a journalist? Then what he got? They talk about some woman. Who is she? / Running time - 1 hour. 40 min.

Main roles:

Stanislav Boklan/ Oleksiy Vertynskyi

By: Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
Director: Andriy Bilous
Premiere: 18.05.2014


The play in 2 acts by the play "Unlucky" Ivan Karpenko-Kary/ What happens when the heart is torn in half, you will learn the best Ukrainian plays about love. The story of how a thoughtless mistake can destroy all life, because the true sense only happens once.

Main roles:

Yaroslav Gavrilyuk/ Pauline Snisarenko/ Alexander Romashko/ Daria Barihashvili

By: Ivan Karpenko-Kary
Director: Andriy Bilous
Premiere: 19.02.2015

The Swan Princess

Musical tale/ The play - winner theater prize "Kyiv Pectoral 2013" in the nomination "The best children's show"/ Tale musical "Swan Princess" tells the story of a journey to love, which has always been very close.

Main roles:

Catherine Varchenko / Alexander Romashko/ Mark Drobot/ Ekaterina Kisten/ Anatol Von Fіlandra

By: Ilya Pelyuk
Director: Ilya Pelyuk
Premiere: 21.12.2013

Debauchery snake

Intimate Rhapsody without words/ Plastic performance

Main roles:

By: Akinari Ueda
Director: Irina Pastuschak
Premiere: 30.05.2014


American humor and Ukrainian soul united in intriguing comedy without brakes in the story by the play of one of the best modern playwrighter Martin McDonagh

Main roles:

Stanislav Boklan/ Dmitry Surzhykov

By: The play by Martin McDonagh "Behanding in Spokane"
Director: Andriy Bilous
Premiere: 29.11.2015

August: Osage County

A very specific comedy/ They drink whiskey and consider how relationships, humor memories zahlysne their head, but they will compete is the fate of most of whose broken.

Main roles:

Natalia Klenin/ Aleksey Vertinsky/ Anna Rozstalna/ Mark Drobot/ Katerina Kіsten

By: Tracy Letts
Director: Stas Zhirkov
Premiere: 25.02.2017


The commandant of the "territory" Shoher ordered last son of Abraham Isaac play with him a game of chess. The rules are simple: if Isaac wins - it is waiting for death, if he loses - will remain alive, but all the ghetto children die.

Main roles:

Oleg Korkushko/ Sergei Ponomarenko

By: based on the novel Itshokasa Merasa "Eternal Shah"
Director: Alexandra Merkulova
Premiere: 17.12.2016

Gagarin and Barcelona

6 different stories from directors-debutants about residents of one building. The play used songs of Ukrainian indie rock group «Viviénne Mort»

Main roles:

Valery Sheptekita/ Igor Lagay/ Artem Atamanyuk/ Marina Koshkin/ Alexander Romashko

By: According to the stories "Gagarin and Barcelona," Ruslan Gorova; "Dad, your son - a vegetarian" Lyubko Deresh; "Territorial waters of Bath," Sergei Zhadan; "Another good day," George Vynnychuk; "Kiss of the buttocks", "Two tickets to the opera" Eugenia Kononenko.
Director: Artistic Director of production - Andriy Bilous Directors - Marie Hakobyan, Maria Lukyanova, Lydia Filovska Ilya Poloz, Natalia Syvanenko
Premiere: 25.01.2017


en and women - everyone has their own truth. But in search of ideal love could inadvertently start trading their feelings like a cheap second-hand. SECOND LOVE - ironic comedy that was created from fragments of your everyday life and the lives of your friends.

Main roles:

Natalia Dolya/ Rimma Zyubіna

By: Based on the play Elena Isayev "I'm afraid to love"
Director: Elena Schurska
Premiere: 16.06.2016