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Theater "Theater Laboratory"

Theater "Theater Laboratory" was established in 2013, a group of creative young people  and professionals in the field of theater and film - Oksana Kolyadenko, Boris Filimonov and their students. The idea of ​​"Theatr laboratory" - to unite people who want development, research and search for new in the field of theater and cinema. Regardless of their age, nationality, profession. Тheater Laboratory - the place where implemented and conducted various kinds of experiments in the field of film and theater (acting, directing, screenwriting art, bodily practices, music and painting) 2014 Space "Theater Lab" officially appeared in the box office in Kyiv and began work as a repertory theater. The first premiere of "Wait, wait forever" was held on 27 April 2013. Today in the repertory there are 4 performances - "NeUdachnytsi", "Chehoff ", "The Runaways", "NotGuilty "(a musical based on "Chicago"). Also in our area there are theaters and other performance groups.

Art director: Kolyadenko Oksana Oleksandrivna



Performance was anyone indifferent. Realistic TEXTS S. Medvedev, the, game cast on edge, beautiful, atmospheric set design. Three women, three completely different ways every difficult and interesting in its own way. They intersect at one time and in one space, to understand myself, to remember the past and let go, stop the wheel of repetitions.

Main roles:

Syeda Olga, Marina Melevska, Eugenia Skrypnyk

By: Sergei Medvedev Arturovich
Director: Kolyadenko Oksana Oleksandrivna
Premiere: 12.09.2014


"Chehoff" based on the story A.P Chekhov's "Story of Mrs. NN" and "Drama on the hunt". This performance is unusual its atmosphere, it can be called-performance ritual. He mesmerizing beauty of the moment. A wonderful set design in detail restored "Chekhov's room." Realistic existence actors enables deep insight into the situation and fate of the heroines. Performance is impressive.

Main roles:

Catherine Makhlai (Natalya), Yana Romashkevych (Olenka), Boris Filimonov (Sergei), Sofia Lysenko, Elena Peftits, Anastasia Hasich, Anna Vitsinа, Alexander Shulga (Graf)

By: A.P Chekhov
Director: Oksana Kolyadenko, Boris Filimonov
Premiere: 08.09.2014

NotGuilty (a musical based on "Chicago")

Show - the musical "NotGuilty" based on the musical "Chicago" will take you to two different historical time, this happens when the music connects John Kander, Fred libretto Ebba and Bob Fossa.Pesa Maureen Dallas Watkins and our restless imagination. What - it is due to this new people: Directed by: Oksana Kolyadenko. Choreographer: Eugene Skrypnyk, Vocal:Irina Romanova, Lydia Sakharovа.

Main roles:

Catherine Makhlai,Yana Romashkevych, Irina Romanova, Olga Syeda, Alina Zhukovskaya, Angelina Guschina Diana Tropanets Vitali Zhuk, Elena Lyashenko, Anna Zharovа, Tatyana Goncharuk, Vadym Hrynchuk. Serafima Konkina, Mariya Karpenkо

By: Morín Dallas Uotkíns
Director: Oksana Kolyadenko
Premiere: 25.05.2016

"The Runaways"

Student Lucas, fleeing from the army, seeking freedom and justice to a common asylum which talked late mother - my father's land, which he did not know her mother's home and in people abandoned city Chernobyl.In the alienated city but still unfamiliar, but home to parents, Lukash have to endure many trials, and learn to answer for their actions, and make friends, fall in love and find his father and become a father himself. Fleeing to the alienated land, which is native to the spirit of the people and themselves. Musical performances decisions Irina Romanova, Irina Sklyarova, Paul Mishustin. Plastic solutions plays: Eugene Skrypnyk.

Main roles:

Boris Filymonov, Yana Romashkevich, Ganna Zharova, Anton Fedorchenko, Alina Zhukovskaya, Mariya Karpenko, Alena Lyashenko, Vadim Grinchuk, Katerina Makhlay, Tetiana Goncharuk.

By: Nedа Nezhdana
Director: Oksana Kolyadenko, Boris Filimonov
Premiere: 27.05.2017