Theaters of Ukraine

Golden Gate Theatre (Kyiv)

Golden Gate is the theatre, not a museum. The theater was created by director Valerii Patsunov in 1979 on the back of democratic changes. Initially the name of the theater was "Theater of Poetry"; in 1990 the theater was renamed as Kyiv Theater "Golden Gate". From its earliest days to the present "Golden Gate" changes all the time to be always up-to-date and interesting to the audience. In 2014 the young director Stas Zhyrkov took the lead of the theater and brought a young creative team with him. Today, the theater declares several fundamental focus areas: - We support and promote young stage directors, actors, choreographers, set designers - We form a repertoire consisting of works of modern Ukrainian and European drama or classical works in the original interpretation - We exist in the actual historical time, in other words, in our performances we discuss the issues important for all of us today and tomorrow - We are open to Ukrainian and international co-production and cooperation, we dream to open modern Ukraine to Europe and vice versa - We travel a lot and communicate, we have a lot of friends and their number increases every year In three years 20 premieres of stage directors of new generation took place on the stage of the theater, including: Stas Zhyrkov, Tamara Trunova, Maxim Golenko, Vlada Belozorenko, Orest Pastuh, Ivan Uryvskyi, Julia Moroz, Dayana Zyma, Valentyna Sotnychenko, Tetyana Gubryi, Dmytro Gusakov, Olena Schurska, Anton Romanov, Yurii Katynskyi... In 2014 the Theater "Golden Gate" has launched a unique project "OPEN_MIND_CTUDENT": we give Ukrainian students of academies of dramatic arts, whose training works are of artistic value to present them on a professional stage. Applications are accepted throughout the year, please contact us –

Art director: Stas Zhyrkov



Forgotten cranky Aunt Prysia, her sick daughter Slava and poofy son Vovchyk live in the abandoned Chernobyl village. Slava had a husband, but he had left them, once he had packed his documents and money and disappeared into thin air... "Why do we live in the zone, while other people live out of "the zone "? In the performance Chernobyl zone becomes a metaphoric depiction of Ukraine which is artificially cut from the rest of the world. Main fears and illusions of Ukrainians are expressively and precisely depicted in the performance. Most Ukrainians can't afford travelling around Europe, they are afraid of this mythical land with its' “freedoms”. One can leave this world only for the next one has ever come back from it. “Stalkers” is the result of cooperation of young director Stas Zhyrkov with modern Ukrainian play writer Pavlo Arie. The performance has a great success in Kyiv, a lot of times participated in Ukrainian and foreign festivals and tours. “Stalkers” and “Glory to the Heroes” is an original diptych about modern Ukraine, not known to the world, but worth hearing.

Main roles:

Aunt Prysia – Irma Vіtovska. Slava, her daughter – Vitalina Bibliv. Vovchyk / Father – Vladyslav Pisarenko, Vitalii Azhnov. Policeman – Oleksii Nahrudnyi. Voices – Oleg ‘Fagot’ Mykhaіlіuta and Inna Mіroshnychenko.

By: Pavlo Arie
Director: Stas Zhyrkov
Premiere: 18.03.2015


Ostap and Andrii are veterans of the same war – World War II. Ostap fought for independent Ukraine, against the Soviets and the Fascists as a soldier of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). Andrii was in the Soviet Army which fought both against the UPA and against Fascists. The history put these Ukrainians on opposite sides of the barricades… Decades passed. World War II is long ago. Ukraine, about which Ostap dreamt, has got its independence in 1991. The USSR, which Andrii defended, ceased to exist in 1991. For the first time Ostap and Andrii met each other in a hospital waiting for a cardiac surgery. And the former war becomes real again. The performance portrays the situation typical for Ukrainian society: everyday official and prohibited history meet each other. Each of them has the right to exist, while Ukraine has been a part of the USSR till 1991. Nevertheless, the country dreamt about and fought for its’ independence. Performance “Glory to the Heroes” portrays a view of a young generation of Ukrainians over the past events, offering not to look for temporary reconciliation, but to make conclusions. Possibly, this experience will protect us from new tragedies.

Main roles:

Ostap Shemelya – Оleksii Gnatkovskyi. Andriy Chumachenko – Dmytro Rybalevskyi. Ganya – Ksenia Basha-Dovzhenko. Olga – Vitalina Bibliv. Iryna Bohdanivna – Iryna Tkachenko. Petya – Dmytro Oliinyk.

By: Pavlo Arie
Director: Stas Zhyrkov
Premiere: 22.01.2016


Every person is a child in the bottom of his heart. This child needs attention and patience, he wants to be heard and understood. His language is unclear, but important. He wants simple and clear things. He is naked to life and to death. He needs support. Whose support?... The concept family is close to the concept "native people." It is very important to know and to feel that “native home” is something more than just two words, it is a place where our souls every time become children. House, city, country ... Country is a home. Is it always the true? ... The performance "Colors" is a mixture of dyes of life, colorful female characters and temperaments palette from youth to old age ...

Main roles:

Pink – Lilia Tsvelikova. Orange – Anastasia Salata, Anna Hlukhenka. Red – Kateryna Vyshneva. Violet – Vitalina Bibliv. Black – Inna Skoryna-Kalaba, Valeria Bryanska.

By: Pavlo Arie
Director: Vlada Belozorenko
Premiere: nd


We all live in the same house we even have a common entrance hall. Sometimes it seems we live in the same apartment. Everybody keep a wary eye on others, everybody take on lives of other, everybody try to help, but is it really a help? Ira, Kolia, Vania, Serhii, Grandfather, Semenivna are the heroes of this life, perhaps, they are watching you right now, but do not look around, do not scare them, you may also spy on them and it may be very interesting… To laugh or to cry seeing the reality - it's for you to decide, nevertheless the situation when a wife betrays her husband with a biology teacher of their son, while the son doesn’t say a word, just clinking with his club is not common. It is a nervous, sharp, but life-like story about alienation of the nearest and dearest.

Main roles:

Ira Bozhenko – Iryna Tkachenko. Kolya Bozhenko – Serhii Korshikov (actor of Kyiv Academic Drama & Comedy Theatre). Vanya Bozhenko – Vladyslav Pysarenko. Serhii – Vitalii Azhnov. Aunt Nadia (Semenyvna) – Vitalina Bibliv. Uncle Andrii – Andrii Poloschuk.

By: Hanna Yablonska
Director: Stas Zhyrkov
Premiere: 10.12.2014


This story is about a home war, a war between the old mother Mag Folan and her daughter the forty year old spinster Maureen. But at the same time it is a love story. McDonagh’s characters are full of vitality and passion. A household realism is just a cover under which we see a fantastic sparkling cocktail of sentimental melodrama, comedy grotesque, brutal "theater of cruelty" and a philosophical parable. "I want to write plays that would shake people up" - these words belong to Irish playwriter Martin McDonagh, whose first play "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" was written in just 8 days. A strict British press dubbed it "a miracle of modern theater".

Main roles:

Maureen Folan – Kateryna Vyshneva. Mag Folan – Oleksander Yarema (actor of Kyiv Academic Theatre For Young Audience). Pato Dooley – Andrii Polishuk, Heorhii Povolotskii. Ray Dooley – Vladyslav Pysarenko.

By: Martin McDonagh
Director: Maksim Golenko
Premiere: 26.06.2015


"This is a short, full of humor and gags drama about two sympathetic characters who under the influence of an unknown pulse, went on an unplanned quest around Poland. The quest is full of comic adventures that eventually cease to be funny, turning into tragic ones. Public should accept the fact that the play is not as frivolous as it may seem at the first glance. The characters do not represent positive social or psychological model, and this quest should not be a life quest for them - quite the contrary." (Dorothy Maslovska).

Main roles:

Parkha – Vladyslav Pysarenko. Dzhyna – Iryna Skrypnykova. Galya / Policeman – Anastasia Babii. Barman – Inna Skoryna-Kalaba. Boy / Policeman – Vitalii Azhnov. Driver – Serhii Kyiashko. Woman – Iryna Tkachenko.

By: Dorota Maslovska
Director: Tamara Trunova
Premiere: 11.12.2015


She was 14 and finally she decided to talk to him. He was 17 and he wanted to have fun with his friends ... All of us are connected to the same network, but we have different settings ... Usual game of teenagers which got out of control and crossed the line. A short skirt, alcohol, age, hormones ... Uncontrolled passion instantly flashes. Who and when had to say "stop" to avoid finding himself in court? The performance is based on real women stories that became known through the popular Ukrainian flash mob on the Internet and a court hearing that took place in a small town in Israel. #I’mNotAfraidToSay The performance appeared due to the International Laboratory – a contest for emerging directors for a performance of a play on a chamber scene – in cooperation with the National Operetta Theater and producer agency «OpenDoors».

Main roles:

Dvora – Bohdanna Shumanska. Asaf – Anton Solovei. Shmulik – Vladyslav Onishenko. Gidi – Vladyslav Pysarenko. Sela – Bohdan Builuk.

By: Edna Mazia, Nataliya Block
Director: Julia Moroz
Premiere: 23.02.2017


The stage of "Golden Gate” presents an extraordinary day in the life of an ordinary family during which everyone can learn what to do to avoid becoming DUST. " Despite the devastation, the heroes of the play are full of humor - they are ready to laugh at themselves. And what about us? A stunning family history about new chances and old disasters are waiting for a spectators... what and why will the characters of the story choose...

Main roles:

He – Dmytro Oliinyk. She – Inna Skoryna-Kalaba. Father – Andrii Polishuk.

By: Dierd Shpiro
Director: Orest Pastukh
Premiere: 30.10.2016


This is a shrilly and almost true story about two girls. Both of them are Natashas, but one lives in an orphanage, another - in a respectable wealthy family. They are so different but so similar in their simple and clear dreams A dreams about a big and real love... Each of us has a dream and each of us try to make it come true in a different way -trying to the end, to the pain in the heart, to laughter which tears the lungs, to tears through laughter, to the fear in the eyes.

Main roles:

Natasha – Iryna Tkachenko. Natasha – Olena Bushevska (actress of Kyiv Academic Drama & Comedy Theatre).

By: Yaroslava Pulinovich
Director: Stas Zhyrkov
Premiere: 17.09.2014


"Here he is, very close. The one you have been waiting for so long ... The one who frequently appeared in your dreams ... He is moving his lips. Probably he is saying something ... Sorry? ... He asks to give him a corkscrew to open a bottle of wine. Amazingly. Is he an alcoholic? He does not look like an alcoholic... hmm. It’s interesting. It’s interesting what would Lionia say about it? Lionia is my husband… So there". This play by Vasyl Syhariov is about people which don't have their own lives. But sooner or later everything has to change...

Main roles:

Tamara – Iryna Tkachenko. Pasha – Oleksii Nahrudnyi. Lonya – Sergii Korshikov (actor of Kyiv Academic Drama & Comedy Theatre).

By: Vasilii Sihariеv
Director: Stas Zhyrkov
Premiere: 17.10.2014


“The stolen happiness” is one of the most famous plays of Ivan Franko. It is the Ukrainian classical drama which remains relevant to this day. In the interpretation of the stage director Ivan Uryvskyi it is a plastic drama, a love triangle, surrounded by mystical atmosphere and full of suspense, an action out of life and time, which characters are trying to find their illusory happiness…

Main roles:

Hanna – Anastasia Salata. Mykola – Dmytro Oliinyk. Mykhailo – Andrii Polishuk.

By: Ivan Franko
Director: Ivan Uryvskyi
Premiere: 14.05.2016


This is a heart-stirring story of the first teen-age romance. Mitia carefully records his painful feelings for Katia. The first kiss, the first jealousy, the first betrayal, and finally the tragic passion are portrayed by actors using the whole palette of expressive means, in particular by means of a refined language of plastics ... One of the most important questions which the play raises: "What is love?"

Main roles:

Mitia (drama) – Dmytro Oliinyk. Міtia (dance) – Vitalii Azhnov. Katya / Olenka – Anastasia Salata.

By: Ivan Bunin
Director: Vlada Belozorenko
Premiere: 27.02.2015


Ivan Tymofiiovych is bored with his life in Polissia, miles away from the capital. Local people know a lot of mysteries, one of them tells about exiles - the old woman Manuilikha and her granddaughter Olesia, witches living in the swamps in the wood. A meeting of Ivan and Olesia is accidental, as well as feelings that grew up between them... This is a mystical story about our past which catches up with us.

Main roles:

Ivan Tymofiiovych – Oleksii Nahrudnyi. Olesia – Anastasia Salata. Yarmola – Dmytro Oliinyk. Manuilikha – Khrystyna Fedorak.

By: Oleksandr Kuprin
Director: Ivan Uryvskyi
Premiere: 13.02.2015


The performance for family review is based on the fiction novel "Easy Steps" of Russian writer and screenwriter, author of "Two Captains" Veniamin Kaverin. This is a story about the girl Nastusia, who didn’t wear a coat despite a cold and severe winter. The character stated that she consisted entirely of snow. Even if she were the Snow Maiden, she would melt in spring. And this is the fact that the main character Petka can accept… The play was performed on the stage due to the Lab of young Ukrainian Directing in Odessa organized by producer agency «OpenDoors”.

Main roles:

Swallow – Vitalina Bibliv. Petko – Bohdan Builuk. Nastya – Inna Skoryna-Kalaba, Anastasia Babii. Uncle Kostya – Andrii Polishuk. Baker – Vitalii Azhnov. Policeman – Dmytro Oliinyk, Vladyslav Onishenko, Vladyslav Pysarenko.

By: Veniamin Kaverin
Director: Dmytro Gusakov
Premiere: 18.03.2016


Project OPEN_MIND_STUDENT. The first entrance hall. The fourth floor. Direct. Door upholstered with lathes with a diamond with the letter "B" in the center. This is the apartment of the Byzovs. Perhaps some of you have already visited them? .. Hardly possible ... It was in this apartment that a drunk man decided to hide from his beloved wife ...his salary. But when he becomes sober, he could not remember where he put the money. Of course, after that a comic-detective story begins; a story where there is a man who does not remember anything, a wife who wants to know the truth and a secret, extraordinary SPECIALIST... No one could imagine that his visit would bring so many surprises and revealed so many family secrets! P. S.: Hypnosis is guaranteed.

Main roles:

Boris – Bohdan Builuk. Nadia – Khrystyna Fedorak. Mykola Mykolaiovych – Vladyslav Onishenko.

By: Vasilii Sihariеv
Director: Daiana Zyma
Premiere: 15.01.2017


Project OPEN_MIND_STUDENT. His name is Kostia, her name is Katia. He is cheerful and very tall, she is beautiful and intelligent. The first date. He is nervous and keeps on joking. It looks funny and weird... Katia does not remember anything... She left her house, came to the stop and... What happened next? Did she enter the bus or not? What happened? Oh! Kostia invites Katia to his apartment, while he has a special Oolong tea... Kate is sitting in Kostia’s apartment. "Why did I come? What’ that noise? Is this radio? Or a doll? Who is singing? Someone in the next room? Does Kostia live not alone?" - Kostia, whom do you live with?… Kostia lives with his family, but they are... dead? It's a comic story about significant events that happens to each of us. We find new people and lose our nearest and dearest, there are people we love from our school days, but we are always with those who are no more.

Main roles:

Kostia – Anton Solovei. Кatia – Hanna Glukhenka. Katia’s Mother – Vitalina Bibliv. Каtia’s Father – Vladyslav Onishenko. Kostia’s Mother – Khrystyna Fedorak. Kostia’s Father – Bohdan Builuk. Aunt Zhenia – Julia Gapchuk. Garson / Kostia’s Brother – Volodymyr Kovbel. Olia – Kateryna Sary-Yurieva.

By: Tamara Trunova
Director: Tetiana Gubrii
Premiere: 17.01.2017