Theaters of Ukraine

Variant Theater

Variant Theater was created in 2015 by theatre school students in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The director and head of the team is Tymofij Binjukov. The first performance was an existential drama “Fahrenheit 451” and was successfully shown in their hometown and in Dnipro city at the festival of youth theaters. The second performance “Mauno” gained a success in Kharkiv, and in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, while being presented at on one of the Kyiv International festivals. This is a solo performance about the life of an mentally retarded guy who realizes the cruelty of the world around him, but at the same time remains a good soul. The third project is a performance in the genre of the street theater “The Horseman without a Head” is a grotesque comedy with an abundance of music and games, on socially relevant topics. The premiere took place in May 2017.

Art director: Tymofij Binjukov



Solo performance. Tragicomedy. Our cities are enormous. They are thousands and thousands of houses . In every hous there live people who are rushing to work, come home, kissing on the playground, always go somewhere and among them there is a guy names Mauno. He has nowhere to hurry he spent whole days at his window. The city scares him he does not know what is on the outside of his court. But he knows everyone, it helps in the work. Before coming to town Mauno lived in a small village in a cozy house with his grandmother. Mauno mentally retarded. He endured a lot of injustice and ridicule. After the death of his grandmother Uncle Paul took him to the city. Uncle Paul became an advocate and mentor of Mauno. Paul's uncle gave him a job, but not quite legally... Mauno is understands that they are doing dirty deeds, but he is well learned to negotiate with his conscience: "We are poor people, but also want to live." Mauno is still the good guy who wants "under the wing" grandmother, because there has to be very warm and good under the wing. Little life of the little man on the backdrop of a huge world

Main roles:

Lesya Chukhry

By: Andrus Kivirähk
Director: Tymofij Binjukov
Premiere: 01.06.2016

Horseman without a head

"Horseman without a head" is a play-fair, play-festival. Aesthetic madness. We explore the basic principles of the national theater and implement them as they supposed to appear in the XXI century, returning to the roots, to the playing nature of the theater. However it’s not a museum, not just an automatic reconstitution of the traditions. It combines music, pantomime, rhythm, acting improvisation, stage and just excitement apart from the fact that you are looking at us, but we play in front of you. Plot basis is a well-known short classic story of American literature and simply romantic of Washington Irving plus a huge charge of Ukrainian folk humor, irony and satire. Grotesque comedy about what might be with the characters of American countryside in the Irving era in case they had lived in Ukraine today ...

Main roles:

Pavlo Kalinin / Lev Vysotsky / Alina Bojko

By: Washington Irving + Ukrainian folklore
Director: Tymofij Binjukov
Premiere: 08.05.2017