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Theater "Practicum"

Practicum - is a creative group, where actors and director use different training systems of East and European theatre. As a result of it "Practicum" creates performances based on modern and classic drama.

Art director: David Petrosyan



"Buna" - one of the best plays by Vira Makovii. A kind of "parents and children" in a carpathian mood, specifically "grandmothers and children". But there is nothing same with Turgeniev or Elegy. It is a poignant parable about the gap between generations which moves from the extremes to extremes. They do not even try to listen to each other. Unemployment, emigration, despair - families are destroyed from within and from without. To go or to stay? Begin to race for a Dream or preserve family values? Tolerate bullying or begin the liberation struggle? What keeps these people at home? Performance of Theater "Practicum" enters into dialogue with young people, putting an edge no one "eternal question".

Main roles:

Khrystia Fedorak, Ivan Sharan, Anna Snihur, Anna Hlukhenka, Marichka Shtyrbulova, Ihor Dymov

By: Vira Makoviy
Director: David Petrosyan
Premiere: 24.12.2016

Call me Peter

Sometimes children feel themselves lonely and everyone is trying to teach them, but don't try to understand. So children search the consolation and own space in the video games and try to escape from the reality. But sometimes games have so strong influence that it's hard to understand where is the game and where is the reality. Peter Pan is an undeniable idol for ten-years-old Theo. A guy dreams about life in Neverland, where he'll never become adult. Theo wants to live in the fantastical world with no rules and no limits, where is allowed to bite the nails, to swallow chewing gums, to say bad words, to fight pirates, to fly, to go to bed whenever you want and don't brush your teeth. Theo imitates the fairy Peter and steals a little girl Jenny. They are going to live together in the old abandoned playground which becomes their own Neverland. But at which point the children's game stops to be innocent and safe? When Theo fell in love or when he heard the first 'Kill!'? The performance “Call me Peter” delicately helps children to understand serious important things through the play. For parents it gives useful thoughts about how better to understand world's explorers, about how it's important to support children's dreams, about how to listen and to hear these little personalities.

Main roles:

Marta Kossakovska, Khrystia Deilik, Marichka Shtyrbulova

By: Jahn Friedrich
Director: David Petrosyan
Premiere: 13.03.2017

Lord of the Flies

In process

Main roles:

By: William Golding
Director: David Petrosyan
Premiere: 17.09.2017

The Lonesome West

In process

Main roles:

By: Martin McDonagh
Director: David Petrosyan
Premiere: 16.12.2017