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Theatre of animation art "TAM"

Theatre of animation art "TAM" is the independent association of artists, creating theatre projects in different formats. We explore the traditions of puppet theatre and search for their unconventional images and metaphors for the new language of theater performances. We use modern technologies in our shows, with help to create an alternative reality of the stage space. We also work with musicians, directors, actors and artists to create new artistic collaborations, exchange experience and expand the creative field.

Art director: Katerina Lukashova, Alyona Ovramenko, Olga Pinaieva


Street performance "The Beginning"

Modern myth of the creation of the world.

Main roles:

Actors: Katerina Lukashova, Olga Pinaieva; Online animated decorations: Alyona Ovramenko; Music: "Reve ta Stohne"

By: "ТАМ" team
Premiere: 21.05.2016

Multimedia performance "Box"

Winter fairytale about people and angels, that combines electronic music arrangements, live-artist decorations, and sophisticated puppet theatre performance.

Main roles:

Actors: Katerina Lukashova, Olga Pinaieva; Online animated decorations: Alyona Ovramenko; Music: Sergiy Avdieiev

By: "TAM" team
Director: Olena Avdieieva
Premiere: 09.01.2016

Kinetic performance "...but the wind..."

The kinetic sculpture "... but the wind ..." depicts the dependence of man on the environment. Plastic decorations of the performance come to life through the electric current and create the main character - the Wind. He moves and changes the space of the polyethylene world. He directs the fate of the people living there. The story is about love, loneliness and hope. It has no precise time and space, but riddled with sensual atmosphere. Animated polyethylene objects are moving to the beat of artificial wind and create the effect of breathing of a huge creature. This is a story about the war. External and internal. Which lasts from the beginning, which destroys human lifes, which takes peace and incinerates soul. Music in the performance sounds minimalist. Soft drums and ethnic singing fill the emptiness of the wordless space. The play of the actors is slowed, as in slowmotion, that reminds a laconic japanese hokuei.

Main roles:

Actors: Katerina Lukashova, Olga Pinaieva, Nikita Skomorohov; Projection artist: Alyona Ovramenko; Music: Andriy Nadolskiy, Marichka Shtirbulova

By: Coproduction of CCA "Dakh" / GOGOLFEST and Theatre of animation art "TAM"
Director: Vladislav Troitskyi
Premiere: 17.09.2016

Circus-opera "Babilon"

Opera-circus «BABYLON» by «NOVA OPERA» is a story of birth and death of metaphoric «tower». It is based on Biblical legend about conflict between man and God, extrapolated on urban tragedy of the modern city. The mix of languages and peoples is transmitted by the mix of contrasting musical styles: avant-garde and pseudo-baroque, trip-hop and rock, shamanic folk and electronic techno, allusions to Italian opera and French chanson. The opera’s libretto is based on Biblical texts (The Book of Genesis, Apocalypse) with allusions to Old Greek Mythology (the image of Cassandra) and present-day literary texts (Viktor Pelevin’s «Generation P»). The vocal part uses the texts of folk songs, Latin prayers, words and verbal constructions from 19 different languages (including Mongolian and Chinese). The structure of opera-circus is a parody on classic XIX century-opera. It includes the overture, alternating pathetic choral and dance scenes, arias, duets and ensembles. The show’s staging combines the elements of circus, performance, and instrumental theatre which are united by dynamic lightening, VJing, and eclectic costumes. The variety of vocal techniques (classical singing, throat singing, jazz improvisation, folk vocal) is mixed with the sound of instruments: prepared piano, toy piano, French horn, bass-clarinet, double bass, cello, guitar and urban drum-set.

Main roles:

Musicians, singers, cast of "Nova Opera"; Actors: Katerina Lukashova, Olga Pinaieva; Projection artist: Alyona Ovramenko

By: Coproduction of CCA "Dakh" / GOGOLFEST and "Nova Opera" and Theatre of animation art "TAM"
Director: Vladislav Troitskyi
Premiere: 18.09.2016

Fairytale-parable "The Cat, that walks by himself"

The performance "The Cat, that walks by itself", based on the fairytale of Rudyard Kipling, opens the viewer a magic world that is born here and now. Its narrators - are actors, musicians and artist, like ancient shamans they create the illusion of another reality to bring the beauty to this. In the performance the art of puppetry resembles a traditional ritual theater of Indonesia, and the game of shadows creates the effect of a living cartoon. The artist draws an animated scenery directly in the action. And the musicians create electronic music with live instruments and own voice. And all together this rises the story of those days when the world ceased to be wild and the primeval people and animals - equal. Only the Cat that walked by himself, was able to maintain its freedom and received the honorable place in a warm cave. This myth, that returns to the reference point that continues to our days.

Main roles:

Actors: Oleksandr Martinenko, Olga Pinaieva; Online animation artist: Alyona Ovramenko; Music: Sergiy Avdieiev, Darina Voitenko

By: Based on the same named fairytale-parable of Rudyard Kipling
Director: Katerina Lukashova
Premiere: 07.04.2017