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Contemporary dialogue theatre

Contemporary Dialogue Theater has started its work on basis of Poltava theater laboratory ‘PolTeLa’, which has been working in direction of New drama since 2011. It has been founded by a playwright, a winner of numerous Ukrainian and international competitions – Iryna Garets. For four years, ‘PolTeLa’ has been introducing Poltava citizens to modern drama in formats which are new to Poltava – readings, witness and documentary theater, while heading in the direction of social critical theater. In 2015, together with Poltava branch of Social Service of Ukraine and its head Ganna Kiyashchenko, the project Contemporary Dialogue Theater was created. It united Poltava people of art (actors of Poltava theaters, poets, students, social activists) to reach one goal – create topical and socially important plays, videos, workshops, trainings and form the cultural space of Poltava region.

Art director: Harets Iryna



A documentary play, created on the basis of interviews with residents of Poltava and settlers from the East of Ukraine. Raising the actual problems of modern life: war, tolerance, tragedy of loss and joy of acquiring new skills, xenophobia and benevolence, stereotypes and sincerity.

Main roles:

Sergey Makarenko, Oleksandra Volakova, Natalya Barannik, Olena Hopey, Anastasia Yakovenko, Nadiya Nikolayenko, Vlad Koryak, Anna Demchikhina, Sofia Turpitko, Dmitry Kupchenya.

By: Iryna Harets
Director: Galina Jikaeva
Premiere: 20.11.2016

the big filter theory

Why do we use stereotypes – is it defense or a way to incite hatred? Why there are still informational manipulation, hate speech and disregard of crimes based on bias in our country? How one can be tolerant towards the intolerant? And tolerance in general – is it a voluntary adoption of suffering, or a democratic interaction between people? So how modern art can help see behind an imposed image of an enemy just a regular person, who needs respect and protection of their rights?

Main roles:

Nadia Nikolayenko, Natalia Barannik, Oleksandra Volakova, Sergiy Makarenko, Anna Demchikhina, Nastya Yakovenko

By: Iryna Harets
Director: Roza Sarkisyan
Premiere: nd


About people who stand out from the gray crowd, because they have an unusual character. They are not superhero, but they are interesting. Warm and gentle talk about love for life

Main roles:

Nadiya Nikolayenko, Natalia Barannik, Oleksandra Volakova, Nastya Yakovenko, Irina Dzyuba, Sergiy Makarenko, Daria Garez, Bogdanа Vlasenko

By: Zhanar Kusainova
Director: Iryna Harets
Premiere: nd