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NGO Dollmen Theater Company

Theater group Dollmen. In 2014 on the base of state center Diya was established independent theater company “DollMen". Dollmen is trying to expand the boundaries of the theatrical world in Ukraine and search for a new theatrical language, which could be combined experience of European theatrical schools, technical approach with the Ukrainian national tradition, dramatic school and relevant topics. The company doesn’t have our own theatrical platform and creates performances on locations of partners. Today In Kiev Dollmen cooperate with state run Dovjenko centre. We are looking for different options to find a partner for the collaborative projects in the field of theater (drama, dance, music, visual). So with support our theater company will implement different workshops and master-classes for actors and performers. These activities in the future are to create a new drama school and pave the road for young and novice directors, actors, artists, set designers, choreographers etc. Our company strives to build and bring to realization new international theater projects in Ukraine, thus stimulating the development of a new Ukrainian theater. For it we establish contacts with international partners (such as theater companies, theaters, producers, directors, and artists) to engage in producing and organizing performances with international partners in Ukraine. Since 2014 Dollmen has supported and co- produced a number of Ukrainian performances, such as "Hesse. Parables" "Beautiful" "Passion for Idiot" with the New Theater on Pechersk. The company has created two of it's own plays: • Hamlet.Babylon in 2013; • Iphigenia in Tauris. Bride for a terrorist in 2015. This plays were performed in Ukraine, Switzerland and Austria.

Art director: Dmytro Kostiumynskyi


Hamlet. Babylon

“Hamlet_Babylon” is based on different interpretations of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in context of modern multimedia space. This play is a synthesis of two diametrical concepts. Traditional Western-European understanding of the theater mixed with Eastern-European technical and digital approach. Hamlet’s insanity is reflected through video installations – as a virtual world, where life is more intense than in the real one. The main hero of “Hamlet_Babylon” struggles within himself and his addiction to escape reality, he searches for a shelter called «Home» and eventually loses himself as a personality and individual. Hamlet falls victim to personal clones, avatars and of a total irresponsibility for his own life. The only thing that is left - is vengeance. Vengeance to his parents, his ancestors, but firstly to himself, for making him who he is - a modern implementation of failure of a man. The main core of the play is about a Danish(Hamlet) pilgrim (traveling through different countries and – in frames of the play – speaking the languages of the land he comes to. He is constantly searching for a home – a place to put down roots, but he leaves only ashes behind. The music for this play was specifically written by Alexey Retinsky. It comprises of Ukrainian folklore air and contemporary chamber music. The premiere of the play was in Kiev on November 30 during political unrest and became a landmark for the audience touching the burning Concept of home “home” and identity of Ukrainian society. Co-production company and support: Korpus Animus / DollMen GogolFest, Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of Geneva, Geneva DIP, Loterie Romande, Göhner Foundation Fund sponsorship SIG, Intermittent Fund, SIS Migros, Culture Percentage Embassy in Switzerland Ukraine, GogolFest

Main roles:

Hamlet - Sozansky Bartolomei, Gertrude - Litvinenko Victoria, Ophelia - Gavrilyuk Tetiana, Butler - Retinskyi Olesyi

By: William Shakespeare, Heiner Muller, Katerina Babkina
Director: Dmytro Kostiumynskyi
Premiere: 30.11.2013

Iphigenia in Tauris. Bride for terrorist

“Iphigenia in Tauris. Bride for terrorist.” Visual-musical-dramatic stage play Euripides. Iphigenia, the victim. Iphigenia, the priestess. Iphigenia, the loving sister. The classic tragedy of Euripides re-thought and adapted to contemporary reality is laid in the plot of the stage play. Old Greece tragedy crosses the dimension of modernity and became actual today. For many centuries the works of Euripides inclines humankind to dialog between different social categories, try to mend relations in society, balance its structure on basis of democracy principles. Stage play reflects relations of Ukraine that is on stage of creation of its independence and states that hold dominating position on global arena. Place of events is Tauris, contemporary Crimea. Total globalization of the world, both informative and economic, comes to decadence that leads to fight of the system with itself and occurrence of new and new world and civil conflicts. For solving of the problem it is necessary to make a sacrifice. In given historical era the development of idea of radical Islamism, born in fact from the system itself, could not have come in better time. And this is the reason why Islamism received a label of global terrorism that should be fought against. In era of global fight, change of social system and geo-political redistribution of existing borders, Iphigenia stands on block-post of disappearing world. She’s bewildered, unable to understand her inner voice. She’s hesitating about worthiness of future act, should she sacrifice herself and her motherland. “Terroristic hypothesis lays in the fact that system has to kill itself in answer to a range of deaths – challenges. Because neither system, nor power is able to avoid the symbolical need, and this is the only chance to ruin them.” Jean Baudrillard

Main roles:

Iphigenia - Victoria Litvinenko, Orest - Igor Aronov, Pilad - Ivan Zavertaliuk

By: Euripides, Franz Kafka, Jean Baudrillard
Director: Dmytro Kostiumynskyi
Premiere: 26.09.2015