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Creative agency Black O!Range Dance Production

Black O!Range Dance production is the agency that transforms creative ideas related to the study of modern life in a society in performances of contemporary dance. We always profess an integrated approach to the creation of performances and strive to keep experiments during the whole process of creation. During 2008-2011 the company premiered 8 performances with a permanent staff of artists. Since 2012 all the performances were prepared with different dancers. In 2015-2016 Anton Ovchinnikov presented two solo performance: "De \ synchronization" and "Duel. Solo." Currently, the main interest of the company is focused on creating dance productions that explore social relationships in society and in which the line between the viewer and the artist erased. Any public space can be the venue for such experiments.

Art director: Anton Ovchinnikov


The Sand

"The Sand" is an interdisciplinary performance, based on the texts of modern Ukrainian and African poets from the anthology "I'm waiting for you under the kaise-dra". Four dancers, the Divina folklore group and the ensemble of African ethnic instruments "African" participate in its creation. Organization and production of Black O! Range Dance Production. Choreographer Anton Ovchinnikov.

Main roles:

By: Anton Ovchinnikov
Director: Anton Ovchinnikov
Premiere: 26.06.2017