Theaters of Ukraine

Lesia Ukrainka Academic Music and Drama Theatre at Kamianske

Lesia Ukrainka Academic Music and Drama Theater is located in the historical part of the city, in one of the most beautiful and harmonious buildings of Kamianske (Dniprodzerzhinsk), in former People's Auditorium, built in 1900. The building is a monument of history and architecture of local significance. At the beginning of the last century in the building of the People's Auditorium performances were shown touring professional troupes, as well as performances of amateurs from among workers and employees of the Dnieper Metallurgical Plant. In 1935 the first professional stationary theater of Dneprodzerzhinsk was opened here - the Theater of Russian Drama named after Taras Shevchenko. Then Ukrainian Drama Theater named after Lesya Ukrainka successfully worked here from 1949 to 1962. And at last in 1980 the Dneprodzerzhinsk Music and Drama Theater was opened. In 2000 it has been named after Lesya Ukrainka. Since 1993 the theater festival "Classics Today" has been held on the basis of the theater. For 25 years, the festival has gone from regional to international, becoming a real festival of creativity for participants and spectators. During the years of the festival, the best performances were brought to Dneprodzerzhinsk by theaters of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Azerbaijan, Moldova. The theater is developing successfully and harmoniously. More than 40 performances of various genres are in its repertoire .These are operettas, musical comedies, Ukrainian, Russian and foreign classic and modern drama, performances for children, theatrical concert programs, concerts of classical and contemporary music.

Art director: Sergiy Chulkov


Biloxi Blues

The wards of Sergeant Tumi - inexperienced young ones - go through a hard school of survival and check for the best and the worst that is in man. They learn to love and hate, to choose between honor and dishonor, friendship and betrayal, finally, between life and death.

Main roles:

Ruslan Kuksenko, Maxim Monastyrsky, Dmitry Sorokolat, Gennady Vasilenko, Eugene Bosenko, Veronica Polyevaya, Anna Bakhmut

By: Neil Simon
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 14.10.2012


Sometimes it is useful to feel like an adventurer, to be in an extreme situation, in order to feel the taste of being more sharply, to try to restrain the capricious Lady Luck

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Irina Chvarkova, Alina Balagura

By: Claude Manye
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 25.10.1999


Though this be madness, yet there is method in it

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Oleg Voloschenko, Irina Chvarkova, Marina Yurchenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Dmitry Alekseenko, Veronica Polyevaya, Maxim Monastyrsky

By: William Shakespeare
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 13.05.2016


"A funny comedy that begins with stupidities and ends in tears, and which is finally called life" (V.Belinsky)

Main roles:

Anna Bakhmut, Gennady Vasilenko Oleg Voloschenko Nina Lunehova, Valentine Galenko

By: Nikolai Gogol
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 03.07.2009

Chasing Two Hares

Colorful humor, funny character types, dynamic plot made "comedy of bourgeois life with singing and dancing" real folk hit

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Anatoly Werth, Lily Marchenko Irina Chvarkova, Valentine Galenko Marina Yurchenko, Alina Balagura Julia Zilina

By: Michael Starytsky
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 06.10.2016

To forget Gerostrat

His name is Herostratus. He is intelligent, charming, sick with vanity, his insolence knows no boundaries, he is well versed in the vicious sides of human nature

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Dmitry Alekseenko, Veronica Polyevaya, Marina Yurchenko, Oleg Voloschenko, lily Marchenko

By: Grigory Gorin
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 20.06.2014

The law

Inna and Panas love each other. But increasingly Inna spends evenings in restaurants and cabarets, and Panas finds his happiness in taking care of other people's children ...

Main roles:

Anatoly Vertiy, Marina Yurchenko, Valentine Galenko Alexander Nagorny, Anna Bakhmut

By: Volodymyr Vynnychenko
Director: Vitaly Denisenko
Premiere: 02.04.2010

The method of Hrenholm

Action-sensitive psychological detective, intellectual thriller, ironic commentary on the rules of modern "corporate culture."

Main roles:

Oleg Voloschenko, Alexander Tarkhanow, Anna Bakhmut, Gennady Vasilenko

By: Zhardi Halseran
Director: Vlada Belozorenko
Premiere: 25.04.2014

Natalka Poltavka

The familiar story, and eternal, perhaps ... What will win: money or love?

Main roles:

Dmitry Alekseenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Valentine Galenko, Irina Chvarkova, Svetlana Komarova, Anna Bakhmut, Eugene Bosenko, Ruslan Kuksenko, Maxim Monastyrsky, Bohdan Didenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Alexander Nahorny

By: Ivan Kotlyarevsky
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 27.04.2017

Not our money

To take other people's money and become fabulously rich or remain poor but honest? That is the question!

Main roles:

Veronica Polyevaya, Victoria Tyutyurenko, Gennady Vasilenko, Maxim Monastyrsky, Olga Onyskevych, Dmitry Alekseenko, Vladislav Lysenko, Ruslan Kuksenko, Oleg Ermolenko, Alexandr Tarkhanоw, Alexander Nagorny.

By: Ray Cooney
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 15.06.2017

Caution, - women!

Frivolous young artist meets with up to three beautiful women, hoping that none of them will not know about the existence of rivals ...

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Anna Bakhmut, Marina Yurchenko, Svetlana Komarova, Veronica Polyevaya, Victoria Tyutyurenko

By: Andrew Kureychyk
Director: Vlada Belozorenko
Premiere: 08.11.2013

Hotel of Two Worlds

The last flashback of Julien Portal: being drunk, on his heaped wheelbarrow and at a speed of 200 km / h, he crashed into a tree ...

Main roles:

Alexandr Tarkhanоw, Anatoly Vertiy, Oleg Voloschenko, Marina Yurchenko, Veronica Polyevaya, Julia Zhilina

By: Eric Emmanuel Schmitt
Director: Vlada Belozorenko
Premiere: 27.04.2012

Where are the children appear

Fate is not chance brought these women together. Several days spent in the hospital, radically changed the life of each of them

Main roles:

Dmitry Alekseenko, Oleg Ermolenko, Julia Zhilina, Marina Yurchenko, Svetlana Komarova, Veronica Polyevaya, Irina Chvarkova, Anna Bakhmut, Gennady Vasilenko, Victoria Tyutyurenko, Tatiana Bilyanska Alina Balagura, Nina Lunehova, Valentine Galenko

By: Anatoly Krym
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 28.05.2015

A very simple story

This is a ridiculous, sad and wise parable about God's creatures in God's world, about love, forgiveness and mercy, in which fantasies and reality are woven into a single whole.

Main roles:

Gennady Vasilenko, Bogdan Didenko, Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertiy, Tatyana Petrenko, Anatoliy Vertiy, Irina Dolinkina, Anna Bakhmut, Yuri Dekun, Valentine Galenko, Julia Zhilina, Maxim Monastyrsky Alexander Tarkhanow

By: Maria Lado
Director: Vоlоdymir Petrenko
Premiere: 05.10.2005

Caught in the net

The main culprit for the series of events that became the basis of the story is the great and all-powerful Internet.

Main roles:

Dmitry Alekseenko, Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertiy, Tatyana Petrenko, Bogdan Didenko, Julia Zhilina, Svetlana Komarova, Valentina Galenko, Marina Yurchenko, Oleg Voloschenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Anatoliy Vertiy, Alexander Tarkhanow

By: Ray Cooney
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 18.03.2011

Greetings to you from us from Odessa!

The story about one evening in the Odessa variety show. Humor, songs and dances of the 20-ies. Famous heroes. Passion, love and real bandits!

Main roles:

Oleg Ermolenko, Svetlana Komarova, Valentina Galenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Julia Zhilina, Anatoly Vertiy Nina Lunyehova, Alexander Nagorny, Olga Onyskevych, Natalia Sharai, Yuri Dekun, Eugene Bosenko, Dmytro Nazarenko, Viktor Nazarenko, Anna Bakhmut, Maxim Monastyrsky, Dmitry Alekseenko

By: Vladislava Oksyuta
Director: Vladislava Oksyuta
Premiere: 06.02.2015

Tips for wanting to marry

Cheerful, bright and stylish Chekhov’s vaudevilles «The Bear" and "The Proposal"

Main roles:

Marina Yurchenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Alexander Tarkhanow, Alexander Nagorny, Anna Bakhmut, Oleg Voloschenko

By: Anton Chekhov
Director: Nikolai Kravchenko
Premiere: 15.03.2008

Matchmaking in Honcharivka

Simple, but sincere story of how Uliana gave almost married a rich rural fool Stetsko, but poor Olexy could defend their right to happiness using uncle-moskal.

Main roles:

Anatoly Vertiy, Valentine Galenko, lily Marchenko, Anna Bakhmut, Tatyana Petrenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Alexander Tarkhanow, Alexander Nagorny, Dmitry Nazarenko

By: Grigory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko
Director: Lydia Kushkova
Premiere: 10.05.2008


Tartuffe knows everything about human weaknesses and at every opportunity, cleverly uses his skill to manipulate people

Main roles:

Oleg Voloschenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Nina Lunyehova, Veronica Polyevaya, Marina Yurchenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Gennady Vasilenko, Dmitry Alekseenko, Svetlana Komarova, Alexander Tarkhanow, Yuri Dekun, Alina Balagura

By: Jean Moliere
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 29.03.2013


A cheerful, witty, bright and charming woman offers a meeting ... She is hot as the southern sun, she is intoxicating like a young Georgian wine, and her jokes are sharper than the branded Gillette ...

Main roles:

Julia Zhilina, Valentine Galenko Oleg Voloschenko Ruslan Kuksenko Irina Dolinkina, Gennady Vasilenko, Anatoly Vertiy Anna Bakhmut Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertiy , Alexander Nagorny, Lunyehova Nina, Lily Marchenko

By: Avksentiy Tsahareli
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 18.11.2011

What's done is done, or Luxurious wedding

Rare combination: riotous sitcom and touching love story

Main roles:

Oleksandra Ivlyushkina, Veronika Polyeva, Ruslan Kuksenko, Bogdan Dіdenko, Vladislav Lisenko, Maxim Monastirsky, Olga Oniskevich, Tetyana Bylianska, Svitlana Nikitenkova-Vertia, Viktoriya Tyutyurenko, Irina Dolinkina

By: Robin Hawdon
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 23.05.2014

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

If it had not been for the seven dwarf brothers, the little Snow White could have died because of her beauty

Main roles:

Alexandra Ivlyushkina, Eugene Bosenko, Irina Dolinkina, Bogdan Didenko, Yuriy Dekun, Tatiana Bilyanska, Alexander Tarkhanov, Vladyslav Lysenko, Alexander Nagorny, Ruslan Kuksenko, Dmytro Nazarenko, Viktor Nazarenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Irina Chvarkova, Marina Yurchenko, Dmitry Alekseenko, Nina Lunyehova, Oleg Ermolenko

By: Lev Ustinov, Oleg Tabakov
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 27.12.2014

Brother Rabbit and Brother Fox

A fairy tale about how to treat yourself and the world around you with humor and, most importantly, never be discouraged!

Main roles:

Eugene Bosenko, Ruslan Kuksenko, Maxim Monastyrsky, Vladyslav Lysenko, Olga Onyskevych, Victoria Tyutyurenko, Tatiana Bilyanska, Alexandra Ivlyushkina

By: Joel Harris
Director: Irina Chvarkova
Premiere: 26.03.2017


Musical fairy tale based on the novel by A. Tolstoy "The Adventures of Buratino, or the Golden Key"

Main roles:

Oleksandr Tarkhanov, Maxim Monastyrskiy, Eugene Bosenko, Victoria Tyutyurenko, Olga Onyskevych, Tatiana Bilyanska, Dmitry Alekseenko, Oleg Ermolenko, Irina Chvarkova Alexander Nagorny, Ruslan Kuksenko Vladyslav Lysenko, Gennady Vasilenko, Dmitry Sorokolat, Nina Lunyehova, lily Marchenko

By: Alexander Varun
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 02.01.2016

All mice like cheese

An instructive tale based on a very familiar story about young lovers from warring families. Fortunately, the denouement of mouse wars is quite a happy one.

Main roles:

By: Dyula Urban
Director: Irina Chvarkova
Premiere: 14.04.2013


Romantic music, impressive decorations and bright funny costumes make the play on the familiar story from childhood about the adventures of a little girl a real holiday for children and adults

Main roles:

Tatiana Bilyanska, Tatiana Petrenko, Veronica Polyevaya, Irina Dolinkina, Svetlana Nykytenkova-Vertiy, Ruslan Kuksenko, Alexander Nagorny, Oleksandr Tarkhanov, Anna Bakhmut, Julia Zhilina

By: Hans Christian Anderson
Director: Valery Kleimenov
Premiere: 26.12.2006

Birthday of the cat Leopold

Jokes, fictions, funny stories, a lot of music and a sea of kindness!

Main roles:

By: Oleksandr Hajt
Director: Irina Dolinkina
Premiere: 27.12.2011

Golden Chicken

A touching story about the friendship of the dreamy Wolf and the gullible Chicken, which is tested by the cunning of the red Fox

Main roles:

Alina Balagura Tatiana Bilyanska Julia Zhilina, Angela Ermolenko, Svetlana Komarova Marina Yurchenko, Dmitry Alekseenko Alexander Nagorny

By: Vladimir Orlov
Director: Irina Chvarkova
Premiere: 03.01.2016


A fairytale story about faithfulness, nobility, the ability to love, about the magical feelings that never, never come to an end

Main roles:

Maxim Monastirsky, Oleksandr Tarkhanov, Bogdan Dіdenko, Dmytro Sorokolat, Oleksandr Nagorniy, Yuriy Decun, Oleg Еrmolenko, Alina Balagura, Tetiana Bylianska, Oleksandra Іvlyushkina, Valentina Galenko, Irina Dolinkina, Veronika Polyeva, Viktoria Tjutyurenko, Anna Bakhmut, Irina Chvarkova, Marina Yurchenko , Alina Balagura, Artem Malovichko

By: Eugene Schwartz
Director: Irina Chvarkova
Premiere: 02.01.2017

The Goat Dereza

A modern, instructive, musical fairy tale by folk motives, which will convince that those who have big biceps, not necessarily win

Main roles:

Anatoly Vertiy, Valentina Galenko, Tatyana Bilyanska, Veronika Polievaya, Iryna Dolinkina, Julia Zhilina, Dmitry Alekseenko, Alexander Nagorny, Anna Bakhmut, Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertiy, Alexander Tarkhanov, Viktoriya Tytiurenko, Tetyana Petrenko, Oleksandr Ivlyushkin, Yuriy Dekun, Vyacheslav Adadurov

By: Lydia Kushkova
Director: Lydia Kushkova
Premiere: 15.09.2009

The Cat's House

Merry and wise fairy tale of Marshak will teach the children the ability to forgive offenses and help all who are in trouble.

Main roles:

Alexander Tarkhanov, Anatoly Vertiy, Valentina Galenko, Marina Yurchenko, Ruslan Kuksenko, Lilia Marchenko, Oleg Voloshchenko, Iryna Dolinkina, Nina Lunehova, Svetlana Nikitenkova-Vertiy, Alina Balagura, Yuriy Dekun, Tetyana Bilyanska, Julia Zhilina, Maxim Monastyrsky, Alexander Nagorny

By: Samuel Marshak
Director: Valery Kleimenov
Premiere: 27.12.2004

Little Fairy

Young spectators should help the heroes of this kind musical fairy tale cope with difficulties - these are the conditions ...

Main roles:

Tetyana Bilyanska, Yuri Dekun, Alexander Nagorny, Alexander Tarkhanov, Valentina Vadakarya, Iryna Dolinkina

By: Velemyr Rabadan
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 16.10.2003


A fascinating story about the kind, brave mongoose Rikki-tikki-tavi and the insidious snake Nage, told once by Rudyard Kipling in the "Book of the Jungle"

Main roles:

Ruslan Kuksenko, Maxim Monastyrsky, Bogdan Didenko, Julia Zhilina, Iryna Dolinkina, Alina Balagura, Anna Bakhmut, Oleksandra Ivlyushkina, Vladislav Lysenko, Julia Zhilina, Tetyana Bilianska, Tetyana Petrenko

By: Rudyard Kipling
Director: Valery Kleimenov
Premiere: 11.11.2012

Treasures of Captain Flint

Go on a trip to the world's best schooner Hispaniola, get to the mysterious island of treasures in just half an hour, meet face to face with danger? Yo-ho-ho! Who will refuse such an offer!

Main roles:

Maxim Monastyrsky, Anatoly Vertiy, Dmitry Alekseenko, Alexander Tarkhanov, Gennady Vasilenko, Alexander Nagorny, Julia Zhilina, Yuriy Dekun, Dmitry Sorokolat, Evgeny Bosenko, Vladislav Lysenko, Ruslan Kuksenko

By: Boris Savelyev, Dmitry Ivanov, Volodymyr Trofimov
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 19.02.2012

Three Little Pigs

Musical tale for the youngest viewers based on the comics of Walt Disney

Main roles:

Veronika Polievaya, Victoria Tutyurenko, Alina Balagura, Anna Bakhmut, Svetlana Komarova, Tetyana Bilianska, Julia Zhilina, Ruslan Kuksenko, Alexander Tarkhanov, Evgeniy Bosenko

By: Victor Gyrych
Director: Irina Chvarkova
Premiere: 28.12.2014

I am Kotigoroshko!

A heroic adventure with songs and dances based on the Ukrainian folk tale

Main roles:

Ruslan Kuksenko, Iryna Dolinkina, Lilia Marchenko, Alina Balagura, Anna Bakhmut, Eugene Bosenko, Anatoly Vertiy, Yuriy Dekun, Alexander Nagorny, Vladislav Lysenko, Andriy Korobeynik, Maxim Monastyrsky, Tetyana Bilianskaya, Maxim Ogir, Dmytro Kotelnikov, Anastasia Furmanets, Anna Furmanets , Vyacheslav Adadurov, Artyom Malovychko, Daria Smirnova, Olga Terekhova

By: Iryna Chvarkova, Alexander Varun
Director: Alexander Varun
Premiere: 12.07.2015

Love-love, or How we got caught!

Bernard, a young architect, decided to have three bride-stewardesses, having determined a meeting with them on a strict schedule of aircraft movements. But is it possible to schedule love?

Main roles:

Oleg Voloshchenko, Veronika Polyeva, Svetlana Komarova, Marina Yurchenko, Gennadiy Vasilenko, Anna Bakhmut, Viktoriya Tytiurenko

By: Mark Camolette
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 08.03.2012


A young servant in a wealthy family home was in a very delicate situation, when both spouses at the same time decided to commit treason directly within the walls of their family hearth .

Main roles:

Svetlana Komarova, Ruslan Kuksenko, Veronika Polievaya, Maxim Monastyrsky, Olga Onyskevich

By: Mark Camolette
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 03.12.2016

Play Love

Evening at the country cottage of Bernard and Jacqueline turned out cheerful and unpredictable

Main roles:

Oleg Voloshchenko, Anna Bakhmut, Gennady Vasilenko, Veronika Polievaya, Marina Yurchenko, Julia Zhilina, Oleg Yermolenko

By: Mark Camolette
Director: Sergey Chulkov
Premiere: 21.11.2014