Theaters of Ukraine


“U!ZAHVATI” is a Ukrainian company for innovative cultural and entertaining projects in the theatrical field outside theatrical spaces and an designed for different target groups. This means that any space can become a theater space (city, museum, railway station, bank, automobile dealership center, chief post office etc.) The focus of our Team's attention is directed to immersive projects that are trend in the whole world, and we are engaged in the creation and realization of such products in Ukraine.

Art director: Baranichenko Polina Oleksandrivna



Since July 2017, our team has launched a new format for Ukraine, a performance-promenade "TIME". The main expressive medium of mentioned play is a voice performed via the earphones intended to lead our guests around the city. A play-promenade is an innovative theatrical format, combining as it does the elements of audio-performance, walks and dramatic play background. The main idea of the play is to enable a spectator to feel, to think, to participate and privately contact oneself, to go through a new theatrical emotional experience, to boost new emotions unfelt before about the theatrical plays. It is supposed to empower the participant to skip the stages from a spectator role to an active player, from a listener to a thinker and back. The global idea towards the TIME topic intended to make the complicated issues of life transience more comprehensible and less disturbing for human being, to avail one of analyzing the pauses happen and make the life stop for a while. Here is a right time for the spectator to finally feel the taste of the moment and happiness, which it brings in.

Main roles:

Pavel Aldoshin

By: Baranichenko Polina Oleksandrivna
Director: Baranichenko Polina Oleksandrivna
Premiere: 12.07.2017