Theaters of Ukraine

Mykola Kulish Kherson regional academic music and drama theatre

Kherson theatre has been working in our town since 1823. The noblemen of Kherson province bought general Lobri’s house and adapted it to be a theatre. Amateur actors had been performing in such a poky comfortless accommodation for about 50 years. In 1883 the construction of a new Kherson theatre was started. And in 1889 there was the opening ceremony of the new theatre building. During the World War Two the building was destroyed and in 1962 a new theater was built the same place. Now Kherson theatre has got 4 stages: a big stage, a theatre-café, a stage under the roof and a stage under the stage. 10-16 premiere plays are created during each theatre season. Our theater is successfully touring all over Ukraine and Europe countries as well.

Art director: Oleksandr Andriyovych Knyha


"The line or in Container"

The plot lines are focused on the three hardships life stories of three Ukrainian “illegal alien” in Europe. To get their aim - to work in the Ireland - they are ready for anything – hardships, misery, and humiliation, denial of their nation, dishonesty and even death.

Main roles:

Honoured Artist of Ukraine Ruslan Vyshnyvetskyy Eugene Hamayunov Kostyantyn Rogan Honoured Artist of Ukraine Ruzhena Rublyova Musiscians

By: Konstantin Keanu
Director: Radu Ghilas
Premiere: 06.09.2017

“The Cripple of Inishmaan”

The heroes of the play live on a little abandoned Irish island where all people know each other, love and hate the same time. Everyone rave against fate and dreams about leaving the island but not everyone understands what this dream can bring. Billy, a cripple, wants the truth of his birth to get through. But all is in vain…One day Billy got a chance to change his life and this chance leads him to filming in America. What is the end of this touching story? You’ll see when you watch the play. This play is the debut of a young actor – Vitaliy Pronko - who is a man with special needs but who showed to everybody that outer beauty of a man is not always the beauty of his soul.

Main roles:

Vitaliy Pronko; Svitlana Zhuravlyova; Olha Boitsova; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Mykhailovskyy; Pavlo Kostenko; Tetyana Provorova; Anton Lysenko; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Ruslan Vyshnyvetskyy; Viktor Ovsienko.

By: Martin McDonagh
Director: Serhiy Pavlyuk
Premiere: 15.10.2016

“Forest song”

The scene actions that taking place on the theater stage in the forest, at the lake and the silver moon show brightly the magic light of Mavka’s soul. Voices are heard – the charms of singing magic, mystery of man’s soul. Love…so rapid and bright like the wind and whispering of spring trees. The nature coating Mavka and Lukash, live scenery creates atmosphere of true love wonder. The art director and theater designer are very good at using natural scenery.

Main roles:

By: Lesya Ukrainka
Director: Serhiy Pavlyuk
Premiere: 26.05.2017

“Old Prisya or at the beginning and the end of times”

Officially they do not exist for other world. They learned to co-exist with nature but people becomes sometimes more cruel than animals. And you see Vovchik when was a child was suffering from his equals in age and became victim of rich people who ruined his life. And this was the start of the end of the whole family. Old Prisya or at the beginning and the end of times” – a play about the family living in Chornbyl zone. Granny Prisya, her daughter Slava and her grandson Vovchyk just want to live their lives but they have to survive.

Main roles:

Honoured Artist of Ukraine Olena Gall-Savalska; Svitlana Zhuravlyova; Pavlo Kostenko; Eugen Hamayunov; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Ruslan -Vyshnyvetskyy;

By: Pavlo Ar’e
Director: Pavlo Ar’e
Premiere: 30.03.2017


The basis of the play is simple good heavenly thoughts: what hands our fragile world should be saved by…Whom we should orient on in this rough life game – onto beloved, wiggy persons or onto pragmatists and opportunists If there is still a hope there will certainly appear the one who will give life power and give the wind of freedom and ozone of summer shower of rain. Its travelling Rainmaker and rainbow master. May be, there will be someone who considers him to be a swindler. However, when meeting him people become aware of life being not so rough and that there is still love and happiness…

Main roles:

Honoured Artist of Ukraine Ruslan Vyshnyvetskyy; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Serhiy Mykhailovskyy; Tetyan Provorova; Eugenia Kirsanova; Honoured Artist of Ukraine Oleksandr Melnyk; Anton Lysenko; Vadym Hnidash; Director – Vlada Byelosorenko Design-director – Olena Karpenko

By: Richard Nash
Director: Vlada Byelosorenko
Premiere: 27.03.2013